Green Green Green

by Hans, Billy and Willis

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Please download the whole thing as flac or, if you use itunes mostly, alac, or something, and play it on headphones or at least semi-real speakers.

It's free, none of the songs are particularly indicative of what the other ones sound like. People think weird things like Tom Waits in it but it was more actually influenced by stuff like Neil Young, German cabaret music and Link Wray. I'm not a best foot forward person. Yuck. Who is? People who want you to expect things?

Recorded by Scot Michael with Billy Stern in Seattle, and by Billy and Hans in Saginaw, Oregon, summer 2006

Billy was in the northwest for the summer and convinced me to record my songs with him playing drums and to find a bass player. We wound up at Corey John's wedding and I asked Willis to do it. Willis didn't get to practice with us beforehand at all but he came and played washtub and guitarrón mexicano, though the latter he'd only picked up a few days before cos he found one in Gregg's barn; he was initially gonna play upright but we didn't manage to get pick up his bass from the Strangers' house in Olympia till after we got done. This recording got me some great offers over the years, most of which I failed to take advantage of.

Would like to remix and remaster, someday.

The CD still says "DEMOS" on it, but we never did a redoux.

There are two covers - of Hoyt Axton and Michael Hurley, respectively - and two 1960s traditionals I learned from my friend Percy Hilo, which is why I don't play them in a normal fashion. Contained are good examples of an idiosyncratic frailing, drop-thumb and up-pick, no fingerpicks guitar style I was using at the time.

Willis plays washboard on Green Rocky Road.

There are overdubbed additional instruments on a few songs, one or two scratch vocals left on for the sake of muttered, muddled lyrics, but it's probably as on-point as a box set you could buy of your musical heroes if you've got any.

Best of luck to you.


released February 26, 2007

hansa electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, violin, voice

billy drums, ukulele

willis washtub and other basses and washboard

reissue cover by arianne fredenberg, 2008

back cover by hans, 2008




Giant on the Thunderhead Portland, Oregon

So you can see wherein dances the quadrille.

History nervous sooner changes
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Track Name: Banana Peel
There's wax upon my toothbrush,
grease along the floor
Mom says I'm too ugly
too ever hope for more
Those Mormons come a' knockin'
tryin' to fix what's in my head
They sneak in in the night time
and paint my blankets red

I went to see the big parade, I had with me a hand grenade
Threw it at the Ferris wheel, slipped on a banana peel
I slipped on a banana peel

Wrapping paper in the corner
for gifts I could not send
Polar bears keep waitin'
around the next bend
Went to see a woman
about a deck of cards
She smiled through her pink lips
she could not go that far


Fear and sympathy
for the worms after the rain
How could they call it
another childish game
Layin' low for awhile
Practice bein' dumb
Cigarettes banana peels
and stale chewing gum


Track Name: Light Blues
I look inside your mind
and this is what I find
Everything is fine
when you say that you are mine
Then I say to you
babe what else would you do
Then you say to me... that you just can't believe

Now I look inside your mind
but everything is fine

We're different today
Please listen what I say
There comes a time in life
when you got to get a knife
and scrape off all this shit and not try to forgive it
And blow it all away
But you won't forget my love
Burnin' fer you like
The stars up above

Well I look inside my mind
and this is what I find
We're different today
Oh uh listen what I say
That although I'm feelin' pained
At least I got this flame and
My whole body gets uptight
When I think about your eyes
Like candles in the night
there to give the darkness light
With a fire that don't go out
cos it's fueled from within
Track Name: I Paint A Design
"on the watertower"
Track Name: Fudgy the Whale
"Choking on Zoloft, it feels like a softball"
Track Name: Shrimp Song
got a bottle of the finest stuff, the creature of my dreams
if i knew where the whales flew
then the ends would justify the means

a whole lotta things go floatin' by along the stream of life
but a future seen through a wall of baleen
is one of struggle and of strife

if the wrecking train
that is my brain were to derail into the sea
the ocean wide is on my side
and with my friend i would be free
some friends of mine and family
wise they would be not to grieve
these words i speak are all lit up
by a light of divine make-believe

a whole lotta things go passin by
along the road to love
if i flew with what the whales knew
then i would be a peaceful dove
Track Name: When You Walk
When you walk down the road
You turn your back on what people say
You're just fuel for their engines
to get lost along the way

And when you come back around
To this god forsaken place
You say your prayers for everybody
who has fallen on their face


Good golly, I see red
Every time they open wide
And spray us with their poison
that they all keep inside

Light the fire of any age
In some cold forbidden tomb
Yeh the substance of our memory
will not be lost to us too soon


Well honey, I love you
But I'll never let it show:
The last time I said what I wanted to,
someone said "you'd best get up and go"

I got some insane visions man
You know I got a lot to say
Uhnuh none of it could be right
I've been wrong billions and billions of times today


You come a walkin up my street
I tell u it's a road to ride
Ain't gonna ease no buddy's troubled mind
Just get thee behind me, and I'll be fine

Like the smell you get inside
Of some old familiar room
Yeah the thing that is our memory will not be
lost to us too soon
Track Name: CMTV
Track Name: Off the Shelf
pretty audible
Track Name: space music I
Track Name: Message
a message 2 u, rudies. end of demo tape